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What can i wear?

Note that shoe are not allowed in the salt cave. Clean socks are required, wearing comfortable clothes in light tones is suggested.


How long is a session?

30,40 and 50 minutes session while a children session are 40 minutes long. Showing up 10 minutes before a session is recommended.

How many session are suggested?

Its depend on your singular medical issue or how well your body reacts to salt treatments packages are available for purchase.

Are electronic allowed in the salt cave?

No phones, tablets or earphone are permitted due to possible damage for the salt in the air. You can leave your phone and valuables on the locker we provide.

Are there any side effects?

Normaly there are none. Some individuals may feel a gentle itch as sign that the treatment is working and it may disappear after the session. 

What do I do during a salt cave session?

1. Just lie back

2. Relax

3. Closed your eyes 

4. Breathe deeply


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